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 Noi mod uri pentru COH+TOV v.2.600 si 2.601

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Numarul mesajelor : 3
Varsta : 40
Localizare : gorj
Adresa Yahoo : ambrios
Adresa Skype : ambrios
Britanici :
Wermacht :
Panzer Elite :
Data de inscriere : 03/02/2010

MesajSubiect: Noi mod uri pentru COH+TOV v.2.600 si 2.601   Mier Feb 03, 2010 11:57 am

Salut sunt nou pe acest site si ...m am gandit sa postez si eventual sa uploadez cateva dintre modurile "actuale"

1.Mod Ewiger Krieg

Ewiger Krieg (Eternal War) Mod for Company of Heroes: Opposing fronts

Creator: Knightpress

For version 2.501 of the game, please read section 2 on the installation carefully, the formatting is a tiny bit different.
If you already have an earlier version of Ewiger Krieg installed, simply delete the Ewiger Krieg folder, and Ewiger_Krieg.module, and replace
them with the new ones contained within the new download, as well as all of the new .module files included within the archive.


Ewiger_Krieg (folder)
Ewiger Krieg INSTRUCTIONS.txt (the file you are currently reading)


1. Features
2. Installation
3. Known Issues
4. Credits

1. Features of Ewiger Krieg:

This mod is the end result of wanting to add ever more to the game and simply tear down every wall between the player and the options available to
his faction (Panzer Elite or British Commonwealth). With this mod active you can not only access basically the entire roster of the Panzer Elite and
British Commonwealth, but also the Wehrmacht and Allies (from Company of Heroes) as well including their buildings, defenses, and unit abilities!

Panzer Elite can now build directly (and without requirements or limits) Pioneers, Luftwaffe, Fallschirmjäger, Flakpanzer IV (Ostwind),
Wirblewind Flakpanzer, Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG), Jagdpanzer 38(t) (Hetzer), Hummel (Artillery), Jagdpanther, Panzer IV (standard Wehrmacht),
Panzer IV (infantry support), Panzer IV (standard Panzer Elite), Panther (standard Wehrmacht), Panther (Panzer Elite Standard),
Panther (with extra Camouflage ability), Tiger I, and Tiger II (Königstiger, King Tiger) with build cap raised to 500!

British Commonwealth can no build directly (and without requirements or limits) Engineers, Commandos, Canadian Infantry, Vickers Heavy Machinegun Squad,
Sherman Firefly, M4 Sherman Calliope, M7 Priest, Churchill AVRE, Churchill Crocodile, Churchill (standard), and M26 Pershing (No building cap)

Now including additions for the Allies and Wehrmacht! All of the above is available for the American (Allies) and Axis (Wehrmacht) forces as well.
Some minor things have been either rearranged or even entirely reworked (buildable Flak 88 via Luftwaffe for the Axis) so that they would function
with another faction.

I've not mentioned numerous units that are in the game by default or spawn from a building by default, those remain untouched in their places.
A complete detailed roster of all units and buildings contained within Ewiger Krieg is included in the download should you want to review it in the file:

Ewiger Krieg Unit List.txt

2. Installation:

Place the following files in your Company of Heroes main folder, by default it will be C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes


Once those files are in your Company of Heroes main folder, right click the RelicCOH.exe in that same folder and choose
"Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut)"

Look on your desktop, and right click on the Shortcut you just made, and choose Properties.

Within the menu the top most entry box is called "Target" and will have the program path inside it to your RelicCOH.exe

In that blank you must add to the end ONE SPACE, and paste in the following:

-mod Ewiger_Krieg -dev

If you installed the game to the default C:\ drive, the path will look like this, and you can copy/paste the entire entry as:

"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -mod Ewiger_Krieg -dev

Please note that the command line function has changed from -modname to just -mod as of 2.400 you must name your shortcut as such because the old
way just doesn't cut it anymore. It's a very minor change for the end user all-in-all.

Once entered, click Apply, OK, and you're ready! To start the game, just use the new shortcut you've made with the added mod command.

3. Known Issues:

a) As of May 8th 2008, I can not fully support the use of Ewiger Krieg with version 2.300 and 2.301 of Opposing Fronts as they
both have bugs in them that can hamper the function of this mod. Version 2.300 has a well known and severe bug that completely disabled
the -dev command from working properly, while 2.301 has an intermittent albeit rare incompatibility I use 2.301 myself and it works perfectly.
If you run either version of the game, and the mod works then you have my hearty congratulations, however if it does not work it has nothing
to do with the mod and everything to do with the patch that Relic (the developer of Company of Heroes) did not properly ensure was thoroughly tested.
Versions prior to 2.300 are unaffected by those issues and will work properly.

b) If you are running Windows Vista, please ensure that you have properly managed your User Account Control (UAC) option. This can be found at:

Control Panel/User Accounts/UAC

This mod is not dependent on your operating system, but the game needs to be allowed to use it in order for it to work of course, so adjust as
necessary, then reboot, and the option should take effect.

4. Credits:

I made this mod from scratch, I have no problem with anyone using it to their heart's content, however I do ask that my contribution not be erased.

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Noi mod uri pentru COH+TOV v.2.600 si 2.601
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