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 Stuart Light Tank

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Numarul mesajelor : 40
Varsta : 26
Localizare : Bucuresti
Adresa Yahoo : addicted_2_housemusic
Adresa Skype : petrut_lk
Data de inscriere : 02/03/2009

MesajSubiect: Stuart Light Tank   Dum Mar 29, 2009 8:57 pm

Good vs: Light Vehicles, Infantry.
Cost: 280 Manpower, 45 Fuel, 6 Pop.
Upgrades: Tank Commander (10 Munitions).
Abilities: Shotgun Canister: 75 Munitions.
Build Time: 45 Sec.
Health: 280
Speed: 6.5

Unit Description:The somewhat small Stuart is designed specifically for the role of dealing with light vehicles. It's speed and armor make it fast and impervious to most damage dealt by light vehicles and its gun packs the punch needed to finish such units off.

Using its canister shot it can also provide a quick solution for a pesky squad of infantry but this is not it's intended role. It is not reliable against heavier vehicles, as it will most likely deal little or no damage and be destroyed quite quickly, nevertheless it comes at a time when such vehicles are still not present, and it's speed means it can stay away from them.
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Stuart Light Tank
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